Ending Violence Against Women and Girls New Delhi

Crisis Management Centres (CMCs) were founded in the belief that ending violence against women and girls is essential for creating and protecting equal rights for all members of society. We founded the Crisis Management Centres program in 1998 with the understanding that combating gender-based violence involves not only direct assistance to individuals, but sensitisation and mobilisation of whole communities. Formed with support from the Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO), the CIC program now focuses on ending violence in four communities spread across Delhi: Sangam Vihar in south-central Delhi, Chattarpur in southwestern Delhi, Sunder Nagri in northeastern Delhi and Uttam Nagar in western Delhi. Previously, GTI also supported the creation of a Gender Resource Centre in Varanasi, now under independent operation.

Today, our four CICs’ activities and programs operate according to a holistic, three-tiered intervention strategy at the individual, small group and community levels. By engaging participants at multiple yet interdependent levels of society, we aim to:

  • Directly assist women who are facing violence and abuse;
  • Engage both men and women in supporting women’s rights and advocating against violence; and
  • Eliminate structural causes of violence in the community.

Our Centres offer a range of free, psychosocial support services to female survivors through individual case handling. Each case is addressed through a tailored plan which may include individual and family discussion meetings; legal and law enforcement advice and information; medical treatment; assistance with filing criminal charges; help in finding employment or acquiring skill training.

On a group level, each Centre organizes a series of group programs focused on information sharing and awareness generating, dialoguing and problem solving, widening and deepening individual and group support in combating violence, and building the capacities of individuals to serve as local leaders and support providers. Current groups include the Parivartan Mahila Swawlamban Samiti (PMSS) or "Women’s Change Committee," the Parivartan Purush Sahbhagita Samiti (PPSS) or "Men’s Support Committees”, the Awareness Generation Program and the Community Leadership Program.

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